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Organizational Internet

Asiatech's Dedicated Bandwidth Internet service offers high-speed, high-capacity, and top-quality Internet access for businesses, organizations, universities, and other operators through radio and fiber-optic networks.


Asiatech's Virtual Private Network (L3VPN) enables secure and seamless connections between the central offices of various organizations and companies. This network operates independently of the Internet, ensuring rapid connections to the customer's desired locations.

Organizational phone

Asiatech's organizational landline phone service (VoIP) is a comprehensive communication solution based on the Internet and IP infrastructure. It is built upon Asiatech's secure infrastructure and utilizes SIP Trunk technology.


Asiatech's bulk SMS service is tailored for messaging providers, large organizations, banks, and more. In this solution, the applicant connects to the Asiatech SMS sending system and sends bulk SMS messages to subscribers across all mobile operators.

Dedicated Server

Asiatech's dedicated server is a specialized solution for organizations and content providers, offering the highest speed, security, and fully dedicated resources tailored to the specific needs of businesses.

Server Hosting

Asiatech operates the most high-capacity and largest content data center in the country, providing top-notch services in hosting and dedicated servers within its data center facilities.